Fine Art Photography

Bone China

The Bone China series is a special luxury collection that was inspired by Tamara’s admiration of the exquisite delicacy of fine bone china and heritage porcelain plates, epitomizing the essence of treasured and cherished tableware: fragile, functional, and feminine. The images and patterns that make up this collection playfully depict the wonderous floral designs reminiscent of traditional china often handed down through generations. Enchanted by the idea of celebrations of centuries past, coupled with her love for magnolias and cherry blossoms, Tamara captures the sensual elements of wildflowers while creating a surreal and infinite look into the future. To create Bone China, Tamara uses a special circular lens, creating round plate-shaped images. Printed on metallic paper to give a dazzling effect and then resin-coated, these captivating pieces showcase the brilliance of nature’s living blooms – and offer a perfect statement in the most special of settings.