Private Commission

Modern Portraitures

Known for her enchanting storytelling, exquisite eye for detail and her flair for fun, Tamara Bahry creates powerful fine art masterpiece family portraits with her Modern Portraitures, exclusively offered as private commissions. Tamara will get to know your family quirks, personalities, and favourite possessions while working with you to envision the perfect backdrop for your bespoke family photo. She has an undeniable talent for capturing families and individuals in action, combined with elements of surprise, to deliver keepsakes that will last the test of time. Tamara transforms the lives of her subjects into stylized and whimsical vignettes, set upon the backdrop of their most beloved places. By transcending the predictable, monotonous family pictures, these works become contemporary pieces that blur the line between art and portrait photography, reminiscent of timeless society photographs. Available for studio, in-home, on location and/or outdoor shoots.